Saturday, September 1, 2012


Like the great explorers Lewis and Clark we set out on our journey to find new territories.
I began my journey alone from Antelope lake which lays in the middle of North America.
I picked up my trusty navigator (Dawn) in Montana.
 We continued the journey west through the mountain passes to Missula where we spent the night.
We then made our way to the Columbia river to the dessert heat and cooled off that evening with a boat ride and dip in the majestic river.

In this part of the country we picked up two more explorers sister Susan & Ethan. We continued to the Oregon coast where we enjoyed the azure ocean waters and sandy beach.
From the ocean we made our way to Astoria where the mighty Columbia river pours into the sea.
In Astoria we hired a tour guide sister Paula who took us to Fort Clatsop where Lewis & Clark spent the winter of 1805-1806.

We explored the town of Astoria, the first permanent U.S. settlement on the Pacific coast. Astoria has served as a port of entry for over a century and remains the trading center for the lower Colombian basin. It is a fascinating town with the influx of many different cultures.
Back in Hermiston we had a Birthday Bash for sister Susan's 50th. Great food, fun, friends and family!

 The explorers then had a safe journey back home.


Adrienne said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! So good you all could get together to celebrate.

Paula said...

So glad you explorers decided to explore! I'm sorry my dear little niece got sick and glad she is feeling much better now that you're back at home.