Sunday, September 16, 2012

A family of Builders

I'm from a family of builders.
Grandma & Grandpa's brick house
 I remember as a young girl waking in the early morning hours to the deep resonate voices of my Grandpa Simmons and his cohort's. They were in my Grandparents kitchen planning the next project. The rich smell of coffee drifting into the cozy room I had been peacefully sleeping in. Such comforting smells and sounds drifting my way. Grandma was bustling around the kitchen pouring coffee and of course putting in her two cents. She was quite the business women herself running the small town lumber store & figuring cost & supplies.
     It's a wonderful & exciting feeling to plan a building project from the ground up. To look at a piece of property and imagine a building sitting on the spot. To study the plans and plan the rooms from windows, walls, layout of the kitchen and then to plan the color scheme and decorating idea's.
Echo Oregon
 My Dad is also a master carpenter. In his 70's still building and planning. Making the small town of Echo Oregon into a little gem of restored old buildings.
Timber frame house my husband built.
 Of course I married a self taught master carpenter 29 years ago. The architecture he has built and designed is amazing. I've been lucky to have a small part in these creative ventures through the years.



Susan said...

What a great job you have done documenting a small part of this proud legacy of ours, Stacey. Thanks for bringing back memories of spending time with Grandma and Grandpa in the brick house where we always knew we were loved and cared for!

Paula said...

Love this post! Look at all that wonderful craftsmanship! Makes me want to go home to that old brick house.