Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turn The Page Tuesday- The Daughters Walk

 Once again through her newest novel Jane Kirkpatrick has spoken to my soul.
 "A Daughters Walk" is one of those books you savor. You don't want to read it to fast. When you are finished you will miss Clara's friends and relatives who are brought to life through the pages of this book.

 In 1896 Norwegian American Helga Estby accepted a wager from the fashion industry to walk from Spokane, Washington, to New York City within seven months in an effort to earn ten thousand dollars and save the family farm. She brought along her eighteen-year-old daughter, Clara, and the two made their way on the 3,500-mile trek by following the railroad tracks. After returning home to the Estby farm more than a year later, Clara chose to walk on alone, leaving the family and changing her name. Her decision initiated a more than twenty-year separation from the only life she had known.

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Adrienne said...

Oh wow. This sounds interesting. Is is a true story? I'll have to check it out. Thanks for joining in !

Debi said...

This sounds like a great story... only book list it goes!

Paula said...

I just picked up "A Flickering Light" at Powell Books yesterday and saw "The Daughters Walk". It looked really good!

Paula said...

*WOW*- sounds like a wonderful book!