Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outdoors Woman

 My sister in law Twila rode the midnight train to Rugby, ND from Minneapolis to go to an outdoor woman's work shop with me,

 We chose cross country skiing. I needed a few pointers, how to go up and down hills, and how to get up when you fall down.

 The first time I put on my skies and tried to get to the lake I fell down and was flailing around in the snow trying to figure out how to untangle my skies and get up when husband Willie drives by in the tractor honking the horn.

 It was 20 below the morning of the workshop but did stay warm all bundled up in our insulated ski cloths.

 It was quite a workout. We skied five miles up and down hills, over bridges, around corners.
Get up fall down, do it all again.
(Whew, we made it back)


Adrienne said...

You two are ~real~ women. I have never been able to ski (cross country or otherwise). Down I go and down I stay!

lisa said...

You sure like look you had fun and I have to say that kind of fun I will leave up to you! My son, loves to go skiing (down hill). He get to go every year with his ski club in school.

Paula said...

Wow! How fun and how cold! Glad you learned how to get up. I would hate to think of you laying there flayling around like a bug...