Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Girl

She'll steal your heart
Right from the start.
She'll giggle and coo
And that's not all she will do.
You can dress her up in lace and bows.
Oh, what fun to buy little girl cloths.
Take time to enjoy this precious gift
And in your hearts you will all be rich.

 I've just finished this quilt to send to my great niece Mazy, who will soon be joining our family.
 Her brother Noah can hardly wait for his little sister to arrive.
 And believe me the rest of us are pretty anxious to meet Mazy.


Adrienne said...

Love the purple! I know this will be something that she will cherish when she is older ... in the meantime she will just drool on it ;-)

Paula said...

So cute!!! Mazzy will love it and so will her Mommy.

lisa said...

I love it, it is very pretty! I am a purple gal, myself!