Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 It's a late winters day, almost spring. The thin sunlight is filtering through a cloudy sky turning the world bright so you have to squint no matter which direction you look.
 The snow is turning first to slush and then to mud.
 it is a day you can take a walk wearing only a sweat shirt, jeans and rubber boots. You feel free, not encumbered by that bulky winter coat.
 I spotted a few geese flying overhead. I hope they find food and a soft place to land.
 Hungry deer have ventured up on the hillsides looking for fresh shoots popping up.
 Boys are bringing out their toys. I just saw Willie spinning donuts on the still ice covered lake.
 The dogs search for tasty tid-bits in the woods.

What signs of spring have you noticed?
Have you seen any Leprechaun's or pots of gold?


Susan said...

We had some gorgeous rainbows several days ago, but I saw no leprechauns nor pots o' gold at the end!

Paula said...

Your words paint a very pretty picture. Wish I could walk through your woods with you this day.

The blankie you made for Mazzy is beautiful and SOO soft! I love it!