Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden Spells

The first day of June and a Tuesday. Today is turn the page Tuesday.
Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen
What a fun book to read this time of year.
The first paragraph pulls you in and keeps you under it's spell until the last word.
It begins "Every smiley moon, without fail, Clair dreamed of her childhood. She always tried to stay awake those nights when the stars winked and the moon was just a cresting sliver smiling provocatively down at the world, the way pretty women on vintage billboards used to smile as they sold cigarettes and limeade. On those nights in the summer, Claire would garden by the light of the solar-powered footpath lamps, weeding and trimming the night bloomers-- the moon vine and the angel's trumpet, the night jasmine and the flowering tobacco. These weren't a part of the Waverley legacy of edible flowers, but sleepless as she often was, Clair had added flowers to the garden to give her something to do at night when she was so wound up that frustration singed the edge of her nightgown and set tiny fires with her fingertips."
A successful caterer, Clair Waverly prepares dishes made with her mystical plants-- from the nasturtiums that aid in keeping secrets to the snapdragons intended to discourage the attentions of her amorous neighbor.
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Adrienne said...

ooohhh sounds like some interesting eats too! maybe there is a recipe in there to help one of our neighbors be nicer! ha ha!

Paula said...

I love this book! Should read it again~
We went to Victoria, B.C. for the long Memorial Day weekend and got home really late last night (or really early this morning, more like!), so I'm tired and haven't got my TTPT post up yet. Sometime this week!)

luci said...

reminds me of Chocolat, which was a fabulous read, with lovely recipe creations. Magical.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

This sounds enchanting. Like a perfect summer read should be.

Debi said...

Sounds like the perfect beach/pool book!

Mary said...

I have not read a fiction novel in so many times. This one sounds perfect, and makes me think I really do need to read something just as relaxing again!