Friday, June 11, 2010

Landing on the Water

We've been getting allot of rain lately.
Driving home through the puddles reminded me of riding on a pontoon plane.
We lived in Ketchikan Alaska when I was a kid.
Ketchikan is on an island so now and then we would take excursions off the island in a Gremlin Goose or a Cessna pontoon plane. Landing in the bay, the sea water would spray up the sides of the airplane.
What a fun way to take a trip out of town!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory and oh that sounds exciting! Hope you have a nice weekend.

Paula said...

It was fun. Remember when we flew to an island for the weekend and the plane left us there and came back and got us at the end of the weekend? That was super fun!

Adrienne said...

oh wow! My dad felw a littlhaCessna when I was a kid and would always take me up - now you could not pay me enough money to get in one of those things (much less land on water!) ha ha

Twisted Fencepost said...

That DOES sound like fun!
I know my guys would have a blast.