Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Norwegian Culture

I'm learning some Norwegian culture here in North Dakota. May,17th is "Syttende Mai" This day in 1905 Norway gained its independence from Sweden.

We celebrated by making Lefsa, a flat bread made of potatoes, flour & cream.
You boil, peel & rice the potatoes the day before and keep them cool in the fridge. On the day of preparation you mix in the flour and form balls from the potato mixture which are rolled flat and thin on a lefsa board. They are then picked up with a colorful lefsa stick and grilled on a lefsa grill. Quite an undertaking.

When the last lefsa is on the grill you throw up your hands and shout "Uphta"

I did pretty well for my first time making lefsa. It helped to get allot of pointers from the true blue Norwegians in the crowd.

The lefsa's are rolled up with butter, sugar & Cinnamon to make a tasty treat.


Far Side of Fifty said...

My husband loves the lefsa..we usually have it at Christmas time:)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Never heard of Lefsa.
I know I would like it because I love cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Paula said...

Sounds yummy! It is very Norwegian around here so someone is always saying Uff-da!