Sunday, May 2, 2010

Retro Chairs

You know that chair fetish I have. I think I have passed it on to my daughter.
She has been after me since last fall to buy her a little old fashioned chair she found at an Antic shop. I never did get that particular chair.

Shopping at the city wide yard sales, through the rain and cold wind, we spotted one last garage door still opened, so stopped to take a peek.
Dawn zeroed in on this pair of retro chairs. The vender's parents had owned them and they sat in their foyer which was used so infrequently that these two chairs had rarely been sat in. There are no worn marks at all on the upholstery. They look like they just came off the show room floor and talk about comfy. When you sit in them you don't want to get up.

We got them for $25 each. Quite a bargain I would say.


Paula said...

Cool chairs! I love the barrel lamp too. Not much for yard sales around here yet. It's been to rainy, but hopefully I'll get out and find some treasures soon!

Mary said...


Those chairs were certainly comfortable. Mom still has one very similar and it is a favorite of mine to sit in.

Enjoyed catching up with you a little.


Twisted Fencepost said...

I'd say you got a great deal!
And I love the lamp, too!
And that rainbow is beautirul!!!

Glennis said...

A real bargain and they do look extremely comfortable.