Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mud Ball

It was so nice this weekend. In the 70's Perfect weather. My Blazer was a total mud ball so I got out a bucket of warm soapy water Sunday afternoon and gave it a bath.
It was nice and clean for one day. Tuesday morning we woke up to muddy roads. It had been raining all night.
This is what the Blazer looks like now.


Shelby said...

oh my goodness. my car isn't alone! :)

lisa said...

I thought it was just me also! I work down a gravel road and travel back roads that are gravel, so it is very hard to keep my car clean!

Paula said...

Sheesh! I thought you'd been mud bogging and it turns out you've only be driving home. I always thought spring was mud season. You North Dakotian's have it backwards!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Don't ya know that anytime you wash your vehicle that it causes a shift in the weather system, causing it to rain?! LOL
Same thing here. I gave up.