Wednesday, October 14, 2009

End of the season

Dawn & I went to the last football game of the season last night.
Boy was it cold. I brought Penny, my little dog along as a lap warmer and sat under a quilt with one of the players Grandma's. I was wishing I would have worn my snow boots. My toes felt like Popsicles by the time the game was over.
Our team lost, but it was a good game. Both teams where tuff.
Earlier in the season we witnessed the cutest scene.
A little grey haired Grandma was waiting for the huddle to be over so she could get her picture taken with her grandson.
Over comes a big tuff football player and kneels down by his grandma for the photo shoot.
As she was walking away he called out "Love you Grandma"
Football is over for this year. Soon starts basketball. I'm glad those games are played indoors.


Twisted Fencepost said...

And you're already expecting snow! I'll bet it was cold.
Such a sweet scene you witnessed. Wish we could witness more of those!

Paula said...

Sounds like fun, even though it was cold. I kind of miss going to high school football games. Maybe I'll take myself to one next year...

nyuki said...

Sounds like you're already part of the community,that's great! It's wonderful that it's turning out so well for you.

lisa said...

I am cold just thinking about it. We have had some pretty chilly weather also!

Tipper said...

Cold here too. Sweet exchange between the grandmother and grandson.

Mary said...

It warms my heart when I see/hear youngsters that show respect and love for their elders and family.

I bet it was cold at that game...brrr!!!