Saturday, October 10, 2009

Duck Fest

Have you ever been to a duck fest?
Dawn, her friend Courtney & I went to a duck fest in the small town of Bowden, North Dakota.
On the way we saw a series of signs that started out with one quack and ended with quack, quack, quack.

There where duck tracks leading up to the building the art and craft fair was held in. Inside we voted on our favorite artwork, watched a hanky quilting demo and scoured the tables for crafts and yummy baked goods.

On the way home we picked up this ghoul. It is getting close to Halloween. You never know what kind of characters you might find out on the road.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Nope, never been to a duck fest. Sounds like fun.
Atleast the ghoul is smiling for the camera. tee hee

Mary said...

I have never been to a duck fest either. It looks fun.

Hmmm..sort of a pretty ghoul you picked up there.

Shelby said...

can't say as I've ever been to a duck fest. But it probably is a heck of alot of fun!


Tipper said...

Never been to a duck fest-but it looks fun-except for the creepy character you picked up is kinda scary : )

lisa said...

Oooooh, I don't know if I would pick up that kind of critter. he, he, he

nyuki said...

Never been to a duckfest,but we have something similar with frogs in Germany. They even put up frog-crossing signs,so you don't run over them,and one little stretch of road is closed for a few days. Love the ghoul,very scary....!

Paula said...

I'm really glad that you and that Ghoul are exploring and going to fun things like this! Nyuki's German frog fest sounds fun, doesn't it?!
I missed the Long Beach Cranberry festival last weekend, darn it!