Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wind

When I was a little girl six years of age, we lived in an apartment in Ketchican Alaska.

There are times that Ketchican gets horrendous winds.

I was in the first grade and very small when one of those winds kicked up. I was trying to walk the few blocks home from school when the gale caught me and was blowing this wisp of a girl towards the on coming traffic in the street. Luckily I was by a pole, so I wrapped my little arms around it and hung on for dear life.

A kindly man named Tom Stack, seeing my peril, rescued me, and took me home to my mother.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute picture of the wispy little girl!
That would have scared the crap outta me.

Ed said...

That blows! Glad to see you made it out O.K.

Shelby said...

Hi Stacy.. I emailed you my work address just a second ago.. thanks so much!! I put Time with Shelby in the re: line.. and then my real name in the address part. hope you have a great Wed night. take care,

Paula said...

I remember Mom telling that story. Glad you didn't blow away. You still need to be very careful in those wild Wyoming winds!

Dad said...

Stacey, we were living in the house on Water Street. The one that overlooked the channel and was just above the hanger for Alaska Airlines.

Andrea said...

Great the pic, too! :)

Mary said...

What a lovely photo and I can see it brought back some memories. I would love to hear more about your childhood in Alaska.


Mary said...


I forgot to give you your letter for the meme. Sorry. Things have been a bit crazy here.

So, let's see. What letter should it be? How about "S" as in Stacey's Treasures. Have fun with it.