Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letter Meme

This is a letter meme. I got the letter "S" from Mary @
You name 10 things that you love, that start with your letter.
If you want to do it leave me a comment asking me to send you a letter.
It is fun to think of them.
1. Sunflowers- Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I love their bright cheery colors.

Story's- Nothing beats a good story, especially if told around a camp fire.

3. Sunshine- sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

4. Snoopy- Cool Joe has always been my favorite character.

5. Stars- To gaze up at the starry night sky. It makes me feel connected to the universe.

6. Sweet Salty snacks- Yum!

7. Sea Shells- Beach combing & finding treasures that have washed up on the sand.

8. Strolling- Strolling along, singing a song, foot loose & fancy free.

9. Strawberry's- From giant strawberry's grown in fields to tiny wild strawberry's found in the woods.

10. Songs- Songs I can sing with my sisters.


Twisted Fencepost said...

I love all those things!
To the sunshine and shells, I'm adding sand. Which is something I am craving right at this minute. I'm ready for winter to go away!

Paula said...

That was a fun meme. I love all of your answers. Especially the Strolling and the Songs.
Lets see, I'll start singing, you join in..."We had joy, we had fun, we had Season in the Sun..."

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I love all those things as well! I might have listed the same ones.

Ed said...

Cool, KIngston Trio??? I like the Bob Dylan version better. Who had it first? Anyway great Meme...Ed