Saturday, April 7, 2012


               I spent the day last Wednesday exploring the small town of Rugby North Dakota. I like this northern village. It has some cute shops. I did discover a new one called "Back Stage". Four inventive ladies own this down town shop and have packed it full of treasures galore.
              Next to it is my favorite consignment shop "Worn-a-Bit" That is where I found this sandpiper. I've always wanted one when I've seen them in catalogues but was to cheap to buy a frivolous item for myself. Luckily someone else did and must have become tired of the decor. So I lucked out when I spotted this little beauty peeping out at me from the shop counter.

What treasures have you found lately?


Becky said...

Love that sandpiper!
I am partial to pelicans, but I am too cheap to pay the high prices for them.
I find one someday for the perfect price.

Paula said...

I want to explore Rugby with you!
We haven't been treasure hunting at all lately. Excited for yard sale season to start!