Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ghostly Lake

       A ghostly fog hung over the lake yesterday morning.

       I remember reading a book about a young girl who would walk into the fog where she would find a village of people whom she became friends with. When the fog would disappear they would also be gone.

       I love to walk into the fog and feel the cool mist soaking into my skin, searching for shapes in the hazy mist.

           Around here they say a foggy day foretells moisture. It is said 90 days after we have fog it will rain or snow. In farming country where there is no irrigation precipitation in a timely manner is very important to water growing crops.

Do you know any legends about the fog?


Paula said...

I love the fog! We don't have nearly as much here as you would think but it's so pretty when it's hanging around on the bay. During the summer, when the fog rolls in it's called a marine layer, and means that is a really warm day in-land which keeps us really cool at the beach.

That book is called Fog Magic and I have a copy!

Adrienne said...

I love walking in the fog! I went to college in San Francisco. There was nothing quite like a late evening walk with friends - in the fog! Makes for great conversation, too. Your photo is gorgeous!

Becky said...

What an eery picture that is.
I don't know any legends, but I remember when I was a child how it confused me when my Mom would say the fog was thicker than pea soup.