Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Poem 2011

The trail through the woods beckons me.
Come on in.
You never know what you might see.

A peaceful world awaits
in the deep woods, under the tree's.

I wander around from here to there.
Feeling the leaves crunch under my boots
and breathing in the nice fall air.

A deer snorts and runs away.
Flashing his tail as if to say,
What are you doing invading my woods?

The gnarly tree's are a sight to see.
They always seem to fascinate me.

A flock of geese fly overhead.

But now I must hurry to get back home.
It's getting dark, and I'm all alone.

A change is coming in the woods.
A spooky change, that isn't good.

I look at a tree and see a face.
The branch's are arms
trying to grab and hold me in this place.

People will wonder where I've gone.
What has happened to the girl
they haven't seen in so long?

Someday another soul
will be enticed to walk in these woods.
Mine will be the face they see
hidden in this big oak tree.

Beware, beware, don't go wandering around in there!!!


Paula said...

Awesome poem! I love it! And now I must stay out of the woods...

Anonymous said...

I see the face now!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh my! I love to walk in the woods. Thanks for reminding me to stay out of the woods when darkness falls!
Great poem!!

Anonymous said...

I like your Halloween poem, I am sure you can scare some kids with it. Great discription of the woods & how scary it can be. Have a Happy Halloween.

1661.Inc said...

I love your poem. I wrote poem too but I'm not sure whether it's a poem or not.