Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

 Did you attend the Royal Wedding? Quite fancy I would say.
 We viewed the festivities at work on our big screen TV. We wore fancy hats (mine was a flower pot) and had tea with crumpets.

 There was another Royal Wedding held 28 years ago.
 Prince Wilson & Princess Stacey where joined in marriage at her parents castle (log house) in the kingdom of Cricket Flat in North Eastern Oregon.
 The gardens where lovely, wild flowers blooming amongst the pretty green grass.
 Everybody who was anybody attended this wedding.(cousins, siblings, Friends and neighbors, aunts and uncles)
 The latest in fashion was worn by the brides maids. (calico prairie skirts)
 After the marriage vows the guests sat down for a Royal feast. (potluck style)
 We served high tea (keg of beer)
 Then the prince & princess rode off into the sunset in the Royal carriage. (Old green Chevy Impala)


lisa said...

That is so much sweeter of a wedding than the one we saw yesterday!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Adrienne said...

A royal affair indeed!!!! Happy Anniversary!

Paula said...

Ah yes! I remember that day well. Was a very lovely wedding indeed!

Karis said...

Love it!!! I remember Grandma showing off that photo. (Or one almost like it!)