Friday, April 1, 2011

The Avon lady & the skunk

 My good friend Pearl recently turned 100 years old.
 She is an awesome person and so fun to visit with.
 Yesterday Pearl told me a story about an Avon lady, Rosie, from her small town. This lady sold Avon until she was 100 years old. Her daughter Victoria drove her around in the later years.
 Rosie was very dedicated to her costumers.
 One of her clients took a trip out of town so Rosie took care of their chickens while the family was gone.
 One day all the eggs where missing in the coop. The next day she caught the culprit. In the nest box munching on eggs was a black and white skunk.
 Rosie yelled "Victoria get me the pitchfork" and Rosie stabbed that naughty skunk.
 Needless to say Rosie had a distinct Oder about her for awhile.
 Rosie passed away at 101 years old. She was surly missed by her loyal customers.


lisa said...

It is pretty neat to have known someone that age. They have stories that would be awesome to hear told.

Adrienne said...

Rosie sounds like a gem. I am sure she will be missed greatly.

Paula said...

What a great story! I can just picture it happening.

Happy Birthday wishes and congratulations to your friend, Pearl!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well atleast she got the skunk!

Jack said...

the old people of our epoch sure have one crazy perspective. So much change in the last 100 years.