Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter in North Dakota

 Winter is officially here. Yesterday it was 12 below when I drove into work, so I brought a drop cord along to plug my vehicle in while I was at work for the day. Fortunately the hospital has places to plug in all around the parking lot.

 Drivers are advised to bring a winter survival kit in there vehicles in case they are stranded.
This kit consists of:
Several blankets and warm clothing, such as parka, boots, long underwear, heavy socks, mittens, ski mask.
A source of heat, such as a multiple wick candle can heater. It is best to also have matches to light your candle, because some lighters won't work in extreme cold.
Water and a metal container suitable for melting ice or snow to be used for drinking water.
A radio and flashlight with extra batteries.
Food, such as hard candy, jellybeans, raisins, nuts, candy bars, dehydrated fruit, jerky.
Something to read to keep you awake (This is where my emergency book comes in handy)
A folding cup.
Toilet tissue.
Bright red or orange cloth and whistle to signal help.
Nylon rope.
Cellular phone.

 I have heard tell when the temperature drops to 40 below you can take a glass of hot water, toss it into the air and it will turn to ice crystals.
 (I can't wait to try this experiment.)

By the way Lisa from South View Farm has won the set of cards in "Moms Birthday Contest"
Congrats Lisa and Thanks for entering!


Twisted Fencepost said...

All of those things are necessities.
Keep warm!
And let us know how your experiment turns out!

lisa said...

That is sooo awesome, thank you! I love the winter shot. I think I have a few items to add to my survival kit. I have most of it but I don't have the can!

Paula said...

Brrr! Cold with snow, not like Cody where it's just cold but no snow usually.
Hope you take pictures of your ice crystal experiment~

Congratulations Lisa!

Yolanda said...

This must be a necessity for living where you live. Stay warm.

Josh said...

Ohhh I tried that experiment that winter that we lived in Powell. It really works, I think at the time it was something like 35 below zero... too cold! lol