Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moon Shadow

Last night was the full moon.

Yes, I'm being followed by a moon shadow,
moon shadow, moon shadow.
Leaping and hopping on a moon shadow,
moon shadow, moon shadow.

 The moon is beautiful and fascinating as it rises up into the night sky.
 During the full moon the sun, moon & Earth are in line causing gravitational force to effect the ocean tides.
 Do these forces also effect living beings?
 I'm not sure?

 I do know that I'm much more likely to go out into the night if there is a bright moon lighting up the shadows.
 I remember as a teenager skating and sledding with my sisters on several moon lit nights.

 The moon light seems to make snow glow and sparkle.

                                Tell me about your adventures under the moon.


lisa said...

Walking along the beach! The first couple of years that I was with the hubby. Of course there have been more but not any as rememberable as that one.

Adrienne said...

That moon is just beautiful! Sadly I haven't been paying too much attention here - trying to get the boys back into the school routine (after 1 mth off) has gotten the best of me!

Paula said...

Skating on the pond with you as a kid! Fun times~
The first night that we spent in this house was a full moon and I'll always remember how beautiful it was standing at the living room window and seeing that moon glowing in the water on the bay.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful picture!!!
How about horseback riding under a full moon or just hanging out in the back yard with good friends