Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dream Catcher Contest

Dreams interest me.
Do they have a deeper meaning?
Can they foretell the futcher?
Are they your brains way of rebooting & restoring while you sleep?

Do you dream in color?
Do you have a recurring dream that haunts you?

 I often times awaken to a nightmare of a spider slowly descending from the ceiling onto me. When I open my eyes I can actually see the spider and have at times gotten up, turned on the light and pulled back the covers to search for the creepy crawly that I am sure must be in my bed.

 I have a pair of handmade dream catcher earrings that I bought in Montana.
 The dream catchers where believed to catch any harm that might be in the air as a spider's web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it.
 Dream catchers hung above the bed are used as charms to protect sleeping children from nightmares.
 Bad dreams would stay in the net disappearing with the light of day.
 Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.

 Leave me a comment on this post and you will be entered into a drawing to win these pretty earrings.


Twisted Fencepost said...

How pretty they are!
I love dream catchers. We have several of them decorating our house.

VioletSky said...

thank goodness I don't dream of spiders! I would likely have died of fright. And I don't have recurring dreams, but I do have recurring themes in my dreams. some of them haunt me; some are just funny in their absurdity.

those earrings are beautiful. love the colour!

Paula said...

Spiders dropping from the ceiling?! ICKY!!!
When I was little, I had a recurring dream that I was walking on a rock wall that ran between our little pink house and the trailer next door. There was a tiger on one side and if I fell, he would eat me. I never fell...

I have a hard time wearing earrings, so please don't include my name in the contest.