Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Turn The Page Tuesday

  Yes, I seem to be a day late and a dollar short.
 My book this month is "The Year Of Fog" by Michelle Richmond.

 A great book to read at the beach, but would be spooky if you had children with you. You would dare not take your eyes from them for a second to read this intriguing novel.

 The first chapter starts like this "Here is the truth, this is what I know: we were walking on Ocean Beach, hand in hand. It was a summer morning, cold, July in San Francisco. The fog lay white and dense over the sand and ocean- an enveloping mist so thick I could see only a few feet in front of me."

 The ending is a surprise. It does leave you wondering "What happens next" since there is no sequel you are left to make up your own story.

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Happy reading!


Adrienne said...

oh my ... I don't know if I could read that since I have wee ones. Yikes! I got your link updated for you.

Paula said...

Oh! Sounds good. I actually have this one on my "to be read" shelf. Maybe I'll read it next...