Thursday, August 12, 2010

 What is the most important thing you grab while heading out the door?

 The keys are in the Blazer. I grab my jacket & purse off the hook in the mud room, but I must have one more thing, my book. I hate to leave the house with out my book. You never know when a reading opportunity might arise,

 Waiting to pick someone up, or you arrive early & have a few precious moments to open the pages and escape into another world for a bit. In fact sometimes I leave early just so I can do this. The car is one of the best places to read. Nobody is there to bother you. You can't look around the house and see all of the unfinished chores you should be doing.

 I even carry an emergency book in my glove compartment. A small paperback mystery. Just in case I've forgotten to bring the current novel I'm reading.


lisa said...

The two things that I try to never leave behind that is my book and my camera!

Paula said...

I agree! You always must have a book handy! Every once in awhile, I end up leaving the house without my current book, and almost every time I do, I end up needing it. We just started a book exchange at work, so yesterday when I needed to run an errand at lunchtime and had forgotten my book, I just grabbed a new one! Perfect!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Purse, keys, phone, CAMERA, and now that you mention it...something to read. I never really paid attention but I almost always have something to read with me.
It's too hot down here to read in the truck without it running and the a/c blowing full blast. And with the price of fuel (diesel) it's too expensive to read in the truck. But autumn is coming and bringing cooler air, so I'll be reading in the truck once again.

Josh said...

I think that this is proof that we are related. This past weekend me and Karl went to the Library of the Congress in Washington, DC (it was our first stop after checking into the hotel and grabing lunch). Oh and then to top it off we had dinner at Krammers Bookstore & Afterwords Cafe, which is a resturant and bookstore built together in the DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington. We are all around book nerds. :)