Thursday, March 25, 2010

Computer Woe's

My computer is back from the shop (Thank Goodness)
I'd been having some trouble with it so decided to take it to the computer doctors while we went on a short trip to Wyoming, thinking it would be all patched up by the time we got back. Unfortunately the computer guys had machines all over their shop to work on and just got to mine yesterday.
I told them I was having computer withdrawals. With out my machine I have no friends, no relatives.
The gentleman at the shop suggested I go out and make some human friends.
What kind of an old fashioned idea is that?


Paula said...

Hmmm....that is quite the forward thinking idea. Human friends. Such a concept!

Twisted Fencepost said...

What is he thinking?
For us that live in the country, sometimes that is our only way to keep in touch with the outside world.
Don't he know that you do have human friends that live too far away to visit without the computer?!
Glad your computer is fixed!!