Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be Happy Day

Did you know March,3rd is "I want you to be happy day"
Here are ten things that have made me happy lately.
1. Cross country skiing on Antelope lake
2. Deer, turkeys and squirrels eating outside my window
3. A nice warm fire
4. Blogging and keeping in touch with family & friends
5. Icicles melting off the roof
6. Bright cheery sunshine
7. Eating warm bread my husband made.
8. Passing my CNA testing
9. Looking at my daughters art work
10. Going to Goodwill treasure hunting
What has made you happy lately?


Jill said...

Your turkeys and squirrel made me happy! Very neat!

lisa said...

Nice picture! I did the same.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Congrats on passing the CNA test! Shopping at a thrift store (and finding treasures) makes me happy.

Adrienne said...

Yae! You passed your test!!!

The fact that my stuffy nose is the first cold I've gotten all winter - that's pretty good for me with two little kiddos!

I cleaned, sewed, AND read some today - now that made me very happy ;-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

What's making me happy right now is hearing that you passed your CNA testing.

Paula said...

I LOVE your turky's and squirrel. How fun!!
Things that have made me happy lately:
Dustin coming home
Warm sunshine
Ice Cream drumsticks
Going clam digging
Warm cozy fires
Blooming daffodils
talking to my bean-bean