Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hunting Whitetail

Hunting season is in full force now in North Dakota.

Here is a picture of our first whitetail hunter with his game.

The North Dakota state record whitetail deer came off of this ranch.

We have prime deer habitat here. Plenty of feed, water and shelter.

Whitetail deer are very smart and seem to know how to avoid hunters.

Studies have shown that deer can smell human scent on underbrush for days after we leave the woods. wary bucks react very negatively when they run across our scent, often becoming leery of the area for weeks afterwards.

Bucks most often bed by laying on their right side and facing downwind, which allows them to use their eyes, ears and nose to detect danger approaching from any direction.

Deer are quick and skillful swimmers, often taking to water when frightened. Deer can easily swim across lakes or rivers at 10 miles per hour.

When running, a deer takes a long stride, with it's tracks spaced as much as 25 feet apart.

This tells me you have to be a skillful hunter to bag a big buck.


lisa said...

Hunting season for shot gun starts here on the 21st of this month and goes to Dec. 13th. Hope the hubby can get one. We only have 10 acres of woods, but they have been bedding down in our hay field everywhere! Nice buck by the way! We love venison, and elk and you name it!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yes, you have to be smarter than they are.
Nice buck!!

Adrienne said...

I had no idea that deer were good swimmers! Too bad we are in the city limits - we have a HUGE buck that somehow has managed not to get hit by a car living in the woods behind our house.

Mary said...

By looking at the way the grass lays we know that deer bed down at the bottom of our property. We avoid walking in that area.

Your information was interesting!

Paula said...

Really interesting information. Is that hunter the guy from Wyoming or are you guys having other hunters on your property?

Tipper said...

Wow what a buck-my husband would be so jealous : )