Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dawn

I can't believe our little baby girl is turning 15 on Wednesday. How did this happen?

It couldn't be that long ago that we brought our little bundle home to live with us.

We would carry her around pointing out things and telling her about her world.

She thought it was hilarious when we would swat flies, she would laugh hysterically.

When Dawn was three she wanted to be a cloud for Halloween. polyfill covered her sweat suit as she carried her pink parasol around town collecting candy.

When Dawn was six we had a mean little Bantam rooster. If you got to close to his flock he would come after you, a furious ball of feathers. Dawn would catch him and tote Rooster Cogburn around the farm.

Dawn has grown into a smart, beautiful high schooler.

Happy Birthday to the girl with the purple aura and the creative mind.


Paula said...

I love that picture!
Happy Birthday (almost!) to my sweet little niece! I remember her Cloud costume. It was very cute!

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful daughter - Sounds like she is just a beautiful on the inside - you must be so proud!

Karen Sue said...

I went on the other room while this loaded and then I heard "I hope you Dance" and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from!!
Very little girl is a senior this year and when her brother graduated 3 years ago, I did his scrapbook with the page headings of the words to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. I've been thinking the past week or so that I would do Andrea's to "I Hope You Dance". Wow, I'm not ready for the next part of life with her! I kind of like having her around!! The time flies so fast!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sorry I'm late!!
Happy Birthday, Dawn!
You are loved and it shows.

Mary said...

I am a little late!

What a beautiful daughter...such a blessing.

Happy birthday, Dawn!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! That's a gorgeous picture!