Wednesday, August 26, 2009

North Dakota

We have moved to our new home in north Dakota. It's very pretty here, with huge, rolling fields of sunflowers and wheat. lots of lakes and big oak trees.

I took a walk along the lake and through the woods and spotted these pretty flowers.

I'm sure a gnome just scurried under these tree's, but I was to late with my camera to capture him.

I'm sure if I keep my eye out and camera ready I will capture one of the darling little creatures on film to show you.


Twisted Fencepost said...

It looks beautiful there!
I'll bet you are so excited.
Be sure to catch that gnome, I'd like to see a REAL one for once. tee hee

Paula said...

Pretty! You're house looks nice and that lake is gorgeous. What kind of flowers are they? I know you're going to capture that gnome soon. (On film of course!)

Shelby said...

it's gorgeous!

lisa said...

Very nice!! I hope you enjoy your new home. We would love to be able to move out to the west! Take care.

Adrienne said...

Wow! What a great place - it looks so peaceful. Hope you get settled in soon.