Thursday, July 23, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Young Child

"Yesterday When I was young, so many happy songs where waiting to be sung.
I had a pretty amazing day yeserday. I spent the day with my 22 month old great nephew Noah.
Picking him up from daycare, I put his carseat in the middle and immediately had to move it. He definatly has to be sitting by the window and he wants the window opened.
We went to Woodward Tractor to pick up some parts. Noah thought it was pretty awesomw to check out the machinery.
Then acrossed the street to Mentock park where we played on the cool clides.
After playing at the park we met Noah's Mom Brittany for lunch at Dairy Queen, yum. Then on to Noah's house for a much needed nap.
After a two hour nap it was snack time. Noah had yogurt, then insisted on doing the dish's. He stands up on the back of a chair, so he can reach the sudsy water. Hopefully he will still like this job when he is a teenager.
My daughter Dawn had walked over to the Cody city park, so we slathered on sunblock and loaded up Noah's little shopping cart to take a stroll down to the park.
Along the way Noah found a rock, a pinecone and a stick to ad to the contents of his shopping cart, treasures from the road.
We watched in fascination everytime a loud motorcycle roared past.
We stopped to visit a few people at Rocky Mountain Manor. One man had a shopping cart like Noah's.
At the courthouse the sprinklers where on. What fun to run through them with glee.
After quite some time we did make it to the park to meet up with Dawn and her friend Brandy.
To see life through the eyes of a young child, amazing.


Adrienne said...

So true. I often loose sight of that. I'm so focused on getting things done or getting from here to there when what I really need to be concentrating on is right under my nose.

Dad said...

Sounds like one fun day with Noah!!

lisa said...

It sounds like a fabulous day you had!! Young ones are such a joy!! Now that mine are past that you love to see little ones and beable to enjoy without having to keep them!!

Paula said...

I'm so jealous of your time with my Beanie and so happy that he gets to spend time with you and you with him. Silly little man!

Tipper said...

sounds like a perfect day for you both!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like a great day!
I recently got to visit with my Granddaughter. She's almost 5. I hadn't seen her in 9 months. I have missed her so. So I spent every second I could with her looking at things from her perspective.