Monday, July 20, 2009

Penny Candy

A shiny silver dime I found sparkling up from the dirty floor board of the farm truck. A treasure, yes indeed.

I remember the excitement of having a dime to take to the Corner Market. There was penny candy back then. You could get ten pieces for that dime, or fifteen cents would buy you a delicious Hershey's candy bar (my favorite).

In Oregon there was a deposit on pop cans, so us kids would gather up cans along side the road and take them to the back of the grocery store where the nice people would pay us five cents a can. If you found a pop bottle you would get ten cents for it.

That was a great way to get candy money and it kept Oregons roadways nice and clean.


Paula said...

I loved doing that. I always got those suckers that were two colors and kind of powdery. They were my favorite.

Mary Humphrey said...

Mom used to give my brother and I 50 cents, once a month. She would walk us over to the Ben Franklin store where we found all sorts of candy and little trinkets to buy for 50 cents! I enjoy those memories, they are really good ones.

Shelby said...

neato :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Maybe they should consider doing that again. It would be cheaper than paying someone to clean the ditches. Of course with inflation, they'd have to get more money. Cause a dime won't buy anything nowadays.