Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trailer for sale or rent?

My house is starting to look kind of empty. I've been taking down pictures and Nick knacks. We will be moving out the middle of June, so I've been going through things trying to get the stuff we don't need either packed up or off to a new home.
Kids helping tote things up to the garage Do you see anything here you want?

We did participate in a yard sale a few weeks ago and sold part of it and I have taken some things to consignment stores.

We where going to have an auction, but it turns out we don't have enough stuff for that, so I need to start carting off more things.

The plan right now is to move into a camper trailer at the barn for a few months, so we will have to store our furnicher and things for awhile.

I'll have more updates as things progress.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Moving is always a big job. Especially if you've been there awhile. I would hate to have to move from here, after 15 years we have quite a bit of "stuff" collected.
Why are you moving from your house to a camper?

Jenny-Jenny said...

Good question? why are you moving from a house to a camper? Are you building? Downsizing? Traveling? Trying to get rid of the kids? Good luck getting rid of stuff, not a fun job but it will feel so good when it's done.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

We moved to our current home 5 years ago. It seemed like a huge move, and we did it ourselves. Amazing how much stuff we seem to keep, and then get rid of when we move!

Paula said...

Moving to a camp trailer at the barn?? I thought you were moving to your new ranch at North Dakota. I'm so confused....