Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love Sunflowers!

It's proven, sunflowers make people happy. Their sunny yellow faces pointing to the sky bring on warm fuzzy feelings.

These are the sunflowers I planted in my garden this spring.

I remember the first ones I planted years ago. We had remodeled an old log cabin in Cody. it was the very first house we owned & I have very fond memories of my cute little cabin.

It had a large yard with tree's & bushes. I planted a row of sunflowers along the front fence.

We had a good Friend Lupe, who was always joking around. He said I was never going to get any seed's out of those sunflowers, so early one morning he snuck over and tied a small bag of sunflower seeds to one of the plants.

When I looked out that morning, I wondered what on earth that was dangling from my flowers!

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Paula said...

Oh, that Lupe! Such a funny guy ~ I don't remember him doing that. I took some pictures of your sunflowers when we were there in August and have one of them as my screensaver on my computer at work. Several people have commented on how much they like "my" sunflower!