Sunday, August 5, 2012


 Never hire a man who wears gloves and rolls his own cigarettes. You won't get much work out of him. He will spend the majority of the day taking his gloves on and off, rolling and smoking.

The same goes for a gal with a camera. It took me two hours to water the cows this morning. I was so easily distracted by:





Water Birds


I'd best get back to work. Enough of this dilly-dallying.



Debi said...

Who wouldn't be distracted by all those wonderful things? Thanks for sharing them!

Susan said...

Very beautiful distractions. And soon the weather will change again, so you need to capture all of summer you can now!

Adrienne said...

What great distractions! I wouldn't get anything done - ha!

Jen's Farmily said...

I've been in a photo-taking mood here lately too! I'll go out to feed the chickens and it takes me 30 minutes. hee hee. I love the buffalo shot. I never see them anymore!