Sunday, July 1, 2012


Welcome to Antelope Hills Ranch.

 This picturesqe North Dakota ranch is nestled between rolling hills and beautiful Antelope Lake.

 This is a perfect spot for a family get away. You could spend your days swimming, fishing for walleye & perch, boating or bird watching. Our area is in the flyway for migration so we have a variety of birds from pelicans, trumpeter swans, snow geese, canadian geese, many kinds of ducks. We also have many song birds from the orange and black Baltimore orial to the redheaded blackbird. There is a never ending melody of bird song resonating throughout the ranch.

 You could hike the hills or follow a deer trail thru the woods. Don't forget to bring your bucket to pick wild June berries, chock cherries or plums.

 The perfect ending to a peacefull day will be a bonfire by the lake.

I hope you enjoyed your stay.



Paula said...

I so want to come for a stay on your ranch! Love the new signs and the name!

Susan said...

Thanks for the vacation, Stacey. I enjoyed it very much. Now if only I could someday come visit in person that would be even better!!