Thursday, May 12, 2011

Big Tractor

This huge tractor is sitting out in our front yard.

 We're getting a few alfalfa fields planted and this is how they do it in these parts.
 These big John Deers pull things behind things, behind things. I have no idea how they get turned around?
 Scott, the owner is pulling a no till drill, fertilizer tanks, and his tool truck with this green machine. He will make one pass and get it all done at once.
 Scott can plant 55 acres an hour.
 He does say this rig has a drinking problem. It goes through 30 gallons of fuel an hour.

 I'm sure glad my car doesn't suck up that much gas!


lisa said...

Oh yah, I remember those days except the hubbies boss had red ones not green. They were just as big!

Paula said...

Yikes! That's alot of pulling and drinking~ but 55 acres per hour?! Pretty impressive.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow, that's a bunch of fuel in a very short time. It's a good thing he can get it all done in one hour.