Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I am old

When I am old,
I will live in a redwood cabin,
in the woods.
I will have a long grey braid,
trailing down my back.
I will have bird feeders,
all over my yard.
I will hike in the mountains &
fish in the streams.
I will pick berries &
grow beautiful flowers.
I will raise goats &
sell arts & crafts.

These are some of my dreams for the twilight years.
Tell me some of yours.


Adrienne said...

I want to have a sweet, little, cozy cottage home where people love to come. And I want the sweetness and the coziness to come from the people who live there - not just from their surroundings.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well, I'm coming to live with you. We have some of the same dreams.
Except for the goat thing. We'll have to talk that one over. said...

What a lovely little poem. Sounds like heaven!


Paula said...

This reminds me of, hmmm...what was her name...Mabel maybe?. The lady in Ketchikan that had the pet squirrels and things where we went to a mayday dance when we were little. Are you going to be her?

I want a little farm ~ 5 acres or so ~ with a little red barn, some goats and a pig, a big garden and apple tree's. I want my little grandsons to come visit me in the summer and I'll teach them how to fish and milk the goats. Will play in the sun all day and bake cookies at night...

Paula said...

OH, I love that song you have playing. I couldn't leave your blog until it was finished!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Paula you are right. I was thinking of the lady in Ketchikan.
Isn't it amazing how one person so breifly known can leave a life time impresion on a little kid.