Friday, August 8, 2008

House full of girls

My husband Willie had a house full of girls this week & enjoyed every minute.
Two of his sisters & two nieces drove out from Wisconsin. We had not seen them for over 20 years, so it was good to get to know them again.
We packed allot into the two and a half days they where here. We got to bed late & up early, so I'm sure everyone is feeling a bit tired.
His sisters talked Willie into dragging out his guitars, so we had a jam session one night. They did "Puff the Magic dragon", "Blowing in the Wind", & other old folksy songs. His niece Andria is a music major.
Sister Twila is a baker. Willie has quite a sweet tooth, so Twila & Becky baked Delicious cookies & pies, some that are in our freezer for later consumption.
We target practiced with the 22 rifle & pistol off the back porch & went 4-wheeling all around the ranch.
We have the neatest rocks & agates here, so we gathered a bucket full & some sage brush for them to take back as souvenirs.
Niece Katrina is an artist and is going to do a painting for us. I can't wait to see her masterpiece!


Razor Family Farms said...

What a lovely group of young ladies! So much energy! I have none today. :(

Paula said...

That sounds like so much fun ~ singing and laughing!