Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Pony's

Aren't these cute little pony's? Down the road about a mile from our house lives a herd of pony's. Some of the mares are foaling now, so we get to see mamma's and baby's every time we drive past.

They remind me of some wall paper Mom bought & put up in the bathroom, in our log house on Cricket Flat. It had fat little pony's with little kids riding them around, going over jumps & things.

I think there is a picture around somewhere of my little brother Joshua taking a bath with that wallpaper in the back ground.

Joshua, aren't you glad I didn't post that picture?


Paula said...

I know exactly what wallpaper you're talking about. I loved it when I was little. I loved it! Very, very cute ponies. They look so good in all that green grass. Pretty!

Josh said...

I actually remember the wall paper. Yeah I think there is a picture of me taking a bath and in the background is the wall paper. I wonder if it is still up in the house on Cricket Flat, I guess it is time to go knock on the door and find out. LOL

Susan said...

Those were the fattest ponies ever, and if I remember right, possibly a bit mischevious. Do I remember a kid on the ground with a pony running off, heels in the air?