Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am from Roses and Fabric

I am from Roses, from Levis and fabric.

I am from the hand hewn logs on Cricket Flat.

I am from the pine tree's, the woods,

I am from picnics and laughter, from Tom & Janice's country home and Leoma & Rolin's hardware store and Al & Shirly's fishing boat.

From "You've got to get up early to get ahead of me" and "Shine your light on everyone."

I am from Youth group.

I'm from Lagrande Oregon, England, hand churned butter & chocolate chip cookies.

From the horse thief who was hanged, the singer, and trhe bird lover.

I am from ghost story's told around the kitchen table & kept in priceless memories.


Paula said...

I love it! Wasn't that just fun to write. These poems evoke so much emotion. I've got another one floating around in my head that I just may need to write down...

Mary said...

I enjoyed your poem and have made up one of my own. I'm hoping to remember to post it for Monday.


Kathy said...

You girls are so special. Your poetry is such a breath of fresh air. Love it, keep it coming.