Thursday, March 13, 2008

Plume of Smoke

Farmers are burning fields & getting ready for spring planting.

We have a great volunteer fire department in this area & have first hand knowledge of the fact.
Several years ago on a nice, sunny, spring day we where burning ditches. The flames where out so we went in to have lunch.
Glancing out the window, I saw a pickup barreling down our driveway & commented, "Gee whiz, what are they in such a hurry for?"
A young man jumped out & said that our hay stack was on fire.
At first I didn't believe him, as we had been burning about a quarter of a mile away from the stacks, but low & behold there was smoke rising.
The firemen came rushing to the rescue. It took them hours of hard work to get the smoldering hay stack to stop burning!


Paula said...

I seem to recall another fire around that time. That was the year that I had to take your matches away from you....LOL!

Susan said...

Do we need to send Jordan the Fireman out to watch over things???
Remember last year when Jordan's combine caught fire with a full tank of grass seed and a roaring wind? Good thing Jordan and Alex saw it when they did and Jordan knew what to do, otherwise we would have had a mess. There would have been nothing to stop it between here and Pendleton.
KP was mowing this week and his mower caused a fire out in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service. He discovered how to make a mower and tractor become first rate firefighting tools!